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      Page extensions


Mobile screenshot of iyaki.arTablet screenshot of
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iyaki - Allons-y!

Pensamientos y cosas que encuentro interesantes

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Page URLNameContent y cosas que encuentro interesantes Yakimovicz, Ivan Yaki, iyaki, initial-scale=1.0 y cosas que encuentro interesantes Yakimovicz, Ivan Yaki, iyaki, about, initial-scale=1.0, nofollow,initial-scale=1 y cosas que encuentro interesantes Yakimovicz, Ivan Yaki, iyaki, recopilador de contenidos curados, curator, knowledge base, initial-scale=1.0 y cosas que encuentro interesantes Yakimovicz, Ivan Yaki, iyaki, blog, initial-scale=1.0

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Page URLNameContent; charset=UTF-8; charset=UTF-8; charset=UTF-8; charset=UTF-8; charset=UTF-8

Amount of content8.4

Rendering Chart...

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Server behavior9.9

Yes404 page


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  • Adding or removing a trailing slash to one of the URLs of this site returns an error page (404). This is OK as no content is being duplicated, but visitors might try browsing to the pages of this website with or without a trailing slash. Ideally, the alternate URL should redirect to the correct page.
  • This website follows the best practice of using a permanent (HTTP 301) redirect from to This is ideal.

Page titles10.0

100% of pages have defined titles

0% of page titles are weak

  • All pages were found to use page titles appropriately. Page titles appear in search results and at the top of the browser's window when visiting the site. Appropriate page titles are particularly important for search engine optimization.


architecture best code conocimiento contacto creating decision design developer developers development don't driven effective engineering event every examples five framework free giles good great guide html interview know leadership learn make management manager managers meetings more need open para performance personal practices problem product productivity programming projects questions rules should sobre software source steps strategy stuff style success system systems team teams tech technical test things time tips using your

  • All pages were found to use defined headings. This is excellent as it allows visitors and search engines to summarize the content of webpages quickly. Correctly defined headings aid accessibility and are particularly important for search engine optimization.

Page headings detail

URLHeadingLevel!  Soy Iván YakiH1 esta páginaH1 de contenidos curadosH1 originalH1[TBD] ConsultoríaH1 esta es mí página web personalH2 encontrar mas información sobre mí aquíH3 nombre es Iván Yakimovicz.H1 ProtectionH1 are unable to access this email address iyaki.arH2ón personal de artículos de IT y afinesH1 proyecto fue desarrollado con:H1{{articleTitle}}H1 culture is the last 50 daysH1 Technical Deep Dive on Event Driven ArchitecturesH1 Rules of Margin Collapse (CSS)H1 systematic approach to debuggingH1 of Thumb for Software Development EstimationsH1 Style GuideH1 - Accessibility Developer GuideH1 for Performance - Weighing Aesthetics and SpeedH1 A Living Style Guide: A Case StudyH1 Complete Course of the Raku programming languageH1 the same problem multiple timesH1 Source of ReadabilityH1, y técnicas para la ESTRATEGIA en GESTIÓN ÁGIL de PRODUCTOSH1 Architecture Design for Busy DevelopersH1 your own interfaceH1 practices for inclusive textual websitesH1 CSS and Lobotomized OwlsH1 DesignH1's Guide To Doing ThingsH1 The Postgres MemeH1 Practical Guide to Executive PresenceH1’t Create ChaosH1 Achieving GoalsH1 Selectors: A Visual Guide & ReferenceH1 Practical Guide of GNU grep With ExamplesH1 test or not to test, a technical perspectiveH1 Excruciatingly Detailed Guide To SSH (But Only The Things I Actually Find Useful)H1 speculation rulesH1 Tao of GoH1 las Leyes de la Estimación ÁgilH1 Shadow DOMH1 Response Templates for Tricky Customer Service EmailsH1 an integrated business and technology strategyH1 a Document (and Preserving Query String Parameters) Using Only HTMLH1 Time Management Systems to Boost Your ProductivityH1 makes a strategy greatH1 UNIX-HATERS HandbookH1 decision record (ADR) examples for software planning, IT leadership, and template documentationH1 Blog Post With Every HTML ElementH1 Hooks - A Guide for ProgrammersH1 Steps to Create a Professional Development PlanH1 Prompts - Explicit questions elicit answers that people don’t always think of on their ownH1 Regular Expressions Book – RegEx for JavaScript DevelopersH1 Nuance of “Domain” (in URI)H1 Original Sin of Free SoftwareH1 Software, Not Free Support: My Reply TemplateH1 Noback on Application ServicesH1 TeamsH1 Software Projects need Defenses of DesignH1 11 Aspects of Good CodeH1 to Use AI to Do Stuff: An Opinionated GuideH1 don't know how I feel about emailH1 I run my serversH1 TypographyH1’s In A Font? Website Typography Best PracticesH1 Shopify Elevated the Non-Manager Career Path and Ditched MeetingsH1 Findings From The Threads AppH1 we talk about when we talk about System DesignH1 Tips How to Evaluate Leadership Skills When HiringH1 Success Is Broken. Here's How to Fix ItH1 Isn't HardH1 are just vibes on a spreadsheet. But they are invaluableH1 de Empatía: qué es y cómo hacerlo en 6 pasosH1 This Opportunity Solution Tree is Changing the Way Product Teams WorkH1 your way to product visionH1 an engineering strategyH1 Details of Interaction DesignH1 Quick and Easy Guide to tmuxH1 pitfalls of GitHub ActionsH1 Flags: Theory vs RealityH1 Advice Plagued by Survivor BiasH1 a good mentor, a developers guideH1 a production database without any downtimeH1 Deep Dive Into SVG Path CommandsH1 web appsH1 Pair Programming Made Easy with SSH and tmuxH1 Learn how to design systems at scale and prepare for system design interviewsH1 engineering org valuesH1 to leave your (executive) jobH1 for Mortals - Janet LangH1 personal and organizational prestigeH1 Concise TypeScript Book: A Concise Guide to Effective Development in TypeScriptH1 interest infodump: restful is a scam, but browsers are cool"H1 la expectativa de mejora o transformación personal que desencadena la compra o el uso: “Jobs to be Done”H1 Platform Engineering WorksH1 242: Programming Languages, Fall 2018H1 Brief, Incomplete, and Mostly Wrong History of Programming LanguagesH1 is the futureH1 Infinite Hows (or, the Dangers Of The Five Whys)H1 your RSS feedH1 para entender el problema... antes de proponer una solución ÁgilH1 slow to move fastH1 "Exit Traps" Can Make Your Bash Scripts Way More Robust And ReliableH1 - Meaning and PurposeH1 Dependency Space TogglesH1 systemsH1 Complete Guide to CSS Cascade LayersH1 for The VS Code User: Part 1H1 Work-From-Home Future Is Destroying Bosses' BrainsH1 StartupsH1 income from open sourceH1 Staff-Level ScopeH1 Senior Developer Mental Models Every Programmer Should MasterH1 to run a good all-hands meetingH1 principles for effectively scaling engineering teamsH1 Debt is over-usedH1 To Avoid in Educational WritingH1 Modular Architecture to Development TeamsH1 contributions are the secret to open source successH1 CSS in Real LifeH1 Surprising Power of DocumentationH1 vs MaximizingH1 Design Patterns for Distributed Systems Handbook – Key Concepts Every Developer Should KnowH1é son los mapas de Wardley, cómo hacerlos y para quéH1 de Técnicas Ágiles de Product ManagementH1 best practices - OpenAIH1 directory driven a DDD paso a pasoH1 the Needs Stack for competitive strategyH1 unFIX la nueva propuesta de escalado y organización de equipos Ágiles (Webinar)H1 a CTO builds a teamH1 Guide to Problem-Solving for Software Developers with ExamplesH1 Driven Design Reference - Definitions and Pattern SummariesH1 and their true purposeH1 for Those Familiar with ActiveRecordH1 Liberating Structures to spice up your retrospectivesH1 leadership style: Definition, examples, pros and consH1 tips to go from attendee to speaker at a tech conferenceH1 things good managers do that bad managers don’t in 1-on-1'sH1 ‘em separated: Get better maintainability in web projects using the model-view-controller patternH1 step-by-step breakdown of the UX design processH1 NotesH1 Code Reviews using Non-Blocking ReviewsH1 estratégico anualH1 papercuts matter?H1 de test rápida con Golden MasterH1 for junior developersH1 is asynchronous communication and how to balance itH1 cosas que los fundadores, inversores y reclutadores deberían saber sobre el papel del CTOH1 problem solving with root cause analysis (with template)H1 Using Hamburger MenusH1étricas ágiles de producto desde la perspectiva funcionalH1 estrategia de la intención del comandante en RoadmapsH1 interview tips for tech: How to sell your valueH1 of Thumb for Software Development EstimationsH1 cloudsH1 Performance Optimization - High Performance MySQL, 2nd EditionH1 URL is the ultimate global state management toolH1 The Potential Of Web Workers For Multithreading On The WebH1 projectsH1 vs Insightful CodeH1 to manage your time as a new engineering managerH1 Make Us BetterH1 Is Just Online With Extreme LatencyH1 Examples and guides for using the OpenAI APIH1 If you're new to DDD and not sure where to start, this process will guide you step-by-stepH1 Philosophy of Computer Science (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)H1 Stuff LinkableH1 On-Ramp to FlowH1 and Contrast.comH1 the Modern WebH1 software quality attainable in Agile contexts?H1 me, is there a problem?H1 Driven DevelopmentH1 Capability-Tractability TradeoffH1 MimicryH1 ParadoxH1's employee intellectual property agreement, open sourced and reusableH1 timeH1 engineering for engineering managersH1 runbooksH1 a microservice-based architecture isn't a holy grailH1 EngineeringH1 A GitHub Security Lab initiative, providing an in-repo learning experience, where learners secure intentionally vulnerable codeH1 you need (and don't need) to know about PHP's type systemH1 del sistemaH1 Things I Improve when I Get to new RepositoryH1 to Assess Attention to Detail in Job ApplicantsH1 to Mock Final Classes in PHPUnitH1 Bloggers, Deprecate Your Posts to Stop Spreading LegacyH1 is Your Company Losing Money By Not Open Sourcing 2: Code QualityH1 and ProofH1 Roadmaps no son planes de ReleaseH1 ways to build effective platform teamsH1 Conscious Computing: Methods for Secondary EducationH1 to manage technical debtH1 30 Personality Questions for InterviewH1 complex organizational changeH1ía de estrategias de gestión de deuda técnicaH1 communities of practice to learn and grow togetherH1 makes an effective software engineer?H1 is a CTO? Your organization’s tech visionaryH1 to grow your engineers through continuous feedbackH1 testing tips by examples in PHPH1 The hidden costs of waiting on slow build timesH1, not if: The playbook method for managing riskH1 to make time for learning in techH1 autonomy within engineering teamsH1 Important Performance Review Elements You Can't OverlookH1 evolution of technical rolesH1 four pillars of code healthH1 Best Go framework: no framework?H1 Ágiles: La carga Cognitiva en casi 2 minH1 reasons you shouldn’t rewrite that codeH1 Modeling: What is it? - Event ModelingH1 We Learned from Open-Sourcing FlashListH1é es un equipo ágilH1 to Become a 10x Dev: An Essential GuideH1 a Project Budget in 7 StepsH1 Importance of Problem-Solving Skills in the WorkplaceH1 Dialog Method for Agile LeadersH1 Meetings Are Critical To A Boss Of Bosses SuccessH1 Software Engineer's Guide to Working Across Time Zones (2023)H1 Behavioral Interview Questions to Ask CandidatesH1 ways to protect yourself from burnoutH1's LawH1 things I wish I knew before becoming an engineering managerH1 Meetings: 7 Things To Know Right NowH1 Leadership: Tips for Introverted LeadersH1 engineering teams to perform code reviewsH1 to reduce stress for on-call engineering teamsH1 an impact as a new manager of managersH1 Tips For Setting Goals To Avoid "Productivity Paranoia"H1 leadership mistakes that ruin productivity (and how to fix them)H1 to find and become a great engineering mentorH1 to distort Scrum until it no longer worksH1 Common Project Management Challenges And Their SolutionsH1 Questions Every Great Boss Should AnswerH1 Engineering principlesH1 hat open decision framework: A community version of the Open Decision FrameworkH1 Design - The big archiveH1 builds it and who runs it? SRE team topologiesH1 processes are born, why they can be damaging, and how to fix themH1 the Boring Stuff with PythonH1 PWA (Progressive Web Application)H1 Responsive DesignH1 HTML FormsH1 AccessibilityH1 No to Last Minute Requests: Here's How in 3 StepsH1 Value Proposition CanvasH1 is worse when working on production databases? Being drunk or tired?H1 More from Your Team Health ChecksH1 Don't Flashbang MeH1 CSS Module Scripts to import stylesheetsH1 de contenidos curadosH2Últimas publicacionesH1{{articleTitle}}H1 atributos id en HTML como parte de la API pública de las páginas webH1 y libreríasH1 conocimientoH1 RSSH1 conocimientoH1 conocimientoH1 conocimientoH1 we goH1


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