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  • Make sure that all the pages of this website include a meta description. If you don't include one, Google will choose a sample of text from the page to appear in the search engine result. By including a meta description, you can control how your search engine result will appear. (read more)
  • Make sure all headings have content which is relevant to the page of content. (read more)
  • Consider the amount of text on this website and increase it if appropriate. (read more)


3,795 Most popular website in the world

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  • This is the 3,795 most popular website in the world.
  • Over the past 3 months, this website has experienced a slight increase in popularity.
  • This website accounts for none of the Internet traffic to and its subdomains.

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Meta tags3.6

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home IEA USP

  • All pages include at least some metadata, but only 20.0% of pages have a description meta tag. The description meta data is important as it appears on Google's search result pages.

Meta Tags (name attribute)

Page URLNameContent IEA USP -, initial-scale=1.0 -, initial-scale=1.0 -, initial-scale=1.0 -, initial-scale=1.0 -, initial-scale=1.0

Meta Tags (http-equiv attribute)

Page URLNameContent; charset=utf-8; charset=utf-8; charset=utf-8; charset=utf-8; charset=utf-8


abre academia advanced agora alfredo alunos arte articulistas barra bicenten bosi brazil chamada cidades cleo cria cultura cultural despertar directors edition educa encerrada espa evolu exposi fica fotogr franceses gest globais groups grupo home humana iea-rp independ institutes intelligence jornal ncia network nsitos nutri olavo oscar para pedagogia pesquisa pesquisadores pobreza professors project quio recebe reflex research rios s-doutoramento sala setubal sica sobre ssicos study tedra territ ubias vaga vice-diretora

  • All pages were found to use defined headings. This is excellent as it allows visitors and search engines to summarize the content of webpages quickly. Correctly defined headings aid accessibility and are particularly important for search engine optimization.
  • Many headings (15.0%) were found to be empty, or incorrectly defined. Empty or invalid headings are of no value to search engines and make a website less accessible.
    • Make sure all headings have content which is relevant to the page of content.
  • Some pages did not define headings correctly. The H1 tag should be used for the most top-level heading, with H2 being used for sub-headings and H3 for further sub-headings and so-on. Not conforming to this convention may confuse visitors.
    • Ensure that headings are defined in a semantically correct way, i.e. always start with a H1 tag. This is used to summarise the page content. Further tags (H2, H3, H4 etc) are meant to summarise and partition sections within the content.

Page headings detail

URLHeadingLevel - 29 de setembro, 9hH2árioH2 Franco-UspianaH2 notíciasH2 IEAH2úmero 105H2ência de Dados e Geoinformação em Modelos de Análise e Gestão UrbanasH3 - As Plantas Moldando o TerritórioH3óquio: Trânsitos: Franceses no Brasil no Século XXH3ção apresenta propostas de gestão e políticas públicas para governadores, prefeitos e secretáriosH3 analisa a trajetória dos processos decisórios na criação da Lei Maria da PenhaH3 escritora Conceição Evaristo toma posse na Cátedra Olavo Setubal de Arte, Cultura e CiênciaH3, vice-diretora e vários pesquisadores do IEA agora são articulistas do Jornal da USPH3átedra do IEA-RP abre vaga de estágio para alunos de pedagogia da USPH3ço Cultural do IEA-RP recebe exposição fotográfica “Despertar”H3ário da Independência; Clássicos da EducaçãoH3úcleo sobre Evolução HumanaH3átedra Alfredo Bosi de Educação BásicaH3átedra Olavo Setubal de Arte, Cultura e CiênciaH3átedra Oscar SalaH3 Cidades GlobaisH3 - Grupo de Pesquisa Nutrição e Pobreza - Chamada para pós-doutoramento 2022/2023H3 Italiano di Cultura - Auxílio para professores, pesquisadores, especialistas e agentes da culturaOportunidades de Pesquisa -H3 para receber o boletim do IEA e convite de eventosH1 videoH2 3 - Corrupção corporativaH2 newsH2 En 1H2 En 2H2 Guilherme Ary Plonski and Roseli de Deus Lopes, directors of the IEAH3 with OECD secretary-general inaugurates the organization's partnership with USPH3 Seminar of the Binational Research Project "Corporate Crime and Systemic Corruption in Brazil"H3 establish partnerships and receive suggestions from mentors during ICA 4H3 Academia edition on intelligence and artificial intelligence starts on June 13H3 Muntadas: About Academia I-II, an Online Interpretation, 2011-2017 (2021)H3 of internationally conducted research project offer global overview of institutes for advanced studyH3 and ZiF start publishing essays on the post-pandemic worldH3 first insterinstitutional project of UBIAS network is experiencing its fourth edition. Know more about addressed themes, fellows, and host institutes at the official website.H3 Ubias ENH3 NetworkH3 Institutes of Advanced StudiesH3 GroupsH3 groupsH3 professorsH3 on SabbaticalH3 Revista - Edição 105H3 of "Estudos Avançados" #105 discusses challenges and impasses of independent BrazilH3 da buscaH1ço Interdisciplinar de ReflexãoH1 CriaçãoH2

Amount of content7.5

Rendering Chart...

  • This website has an average of 265 words per page. The amount of content on a website has been shown to correlate with its search engine ranking.
    • Consider the amount of text on this website and increase it if appropriate.

Amount of content discovered

Server behavior8.4

Yes404 page



Mobile screenshot of www.iea.usp.brTablet screenshot of
  • All pages of this website appear to be optimized for viewing on a mobile phone (using CSS media queries) but it is not optimized for tablet viewing. It is important to make sure your content is optimized for a wide range of devices as a growing percentage of web browsing is done on phones and tablets.


This website is linked with the Twitter account @ieausp

This website's Twitter account has

  • This website was found to link the Twitter account IEA-USP (@ieausp).
  • This website's Twitter account has made 3,996 tweets to 4,752 followers.

Source: Twitter


100% of pages use analytics

Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics

  • Every page in this website is using Google Analytics. This is excellent and should allow for a complete analysis of visitor behavior.

Page titles10.0

100% of pages have defined titles

0% of page titles are weak

  • All pages were found to use page titles appropriately. Page titles appear in search results and at the top of the browser's window when visiting the site. Appropriate page titles are particularly important for search engine optimization.

Page titles

Page titleNotes
No TitleMissing
No TitleMissing
No TitleMissing
No TitleMissing
No TitleMissing


0% of images have a clearly defined size

No images are being resized by the browser


100% of pages are optimized for printing

  • All pages of this website appear to be optimized for printing (using CSS).

Media specific CSS detected

URL format10.0

  • This website uses appropriate web addresses (URLs) throughout. This is excellent and will help search engine placement, usability and the marketability of this website.


Last updated September 20, 2022

  • It looks like this website was last updated on Tuesday, September 20, 2022. This is good because visitors perceive up-to-date websites as more credible. Websites that are updated regularly are also spidered by search engines more often.
  • To find this information we used the last modified dates reported by this website's server in addition to looking for dates written on each page.

All dates found

6/14/ text
9/21/ text
6/13/ text
5/10/ text
3/16/ text
12/12/ modified header
5/13/ modified header
5/13/ modified header
2/25/ modified header
4/8/ modified header
7/20/ modified header
8/10/ modified header
5/16/ modified header
5/13/ modified header
8/19/ modified header
8/24/ modified header
8/24/ modified header
8/24/ modified header
8/24/ modified header
8/24/ modified header
5/10/ modified header
5/10/ modified header
5/10/ modified header
3/28/ modified header
4/26/ modified header
8/2/ modified header
5/28/ modified header
8/30/ modified header
5/16/ modified header
9/20/ modified header
9/20/ modified header
8/10/ modified header
4/12/ modified header
9/10/ modified header
8/10/ modified header
9/10/ modified header

Domain agei

  • Sorry, we cannot check the domain age of .br websites.

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