Amount of content

The amount of content test checks to see how much content is on a web page.

Why do we test for this?

The amount of content on a web page has been shown to strongly correlate with a website's rank in search engines.

How do we test for this?

We count the number of words on each page tested.

What can I do about it?

Ensure your website contains a sufficient quantity of good quality text.


My website has more words than you display?

We look at the first 5 pages of a site and count the amount of content. Content on the pages we haven't analysed is not included in the result.

It says no content has been discovered on my site?

This could be because your website is built using Flash or other non-standard technologies which we can't test.

Score calculation


Every business website page contains over 1,200 words.


Some business website pages contain less than 1,200 words.


Every business website page contains less than 20 words.

This analysis is scored on a curve - adding content to a low scoring site will have a greater effect than adding content to a high scoring site.