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This test checks to see how recently a website has been updated.

Why do we test for this?

Updating a website regularly can make search engines like Google spider more often, so it will be faster at indexing your changes. Also, visitors perceive up-to-date websites as more credible and are likely to dismiss websites as irrelevant if the content was written a long time ago.

How do we test for this?

We look at dates from the last modified header of your pages and assets (like images and css files) as well as dates contained within your pages. Given this information, we make a statistical analysis on the probable last updated date.

What can I do about it?

Update your website regularly with relevant news and information.


Why is the last updated date incorrect?

We only test 5 pages so it may be that a page that was updated hasnt been tested.

How do you test for this?

We use a wide range of methods to determine when the site was last-updated. This includes technical indicators and machine readable dates within the text. However we cannot always know for certain the date a site was updated. Also some sites can not be dated

Score calculation


Last update to business website was less than 90 days ago.


Last update to business website was between 90 days and 7 years ago.


Business website has not been updated in 7 years or more.

This analysis is scored on a curve - the score drops rapidly as a website goes over 1 year old but the difference between a 6 year old website and a 7 year old website is minor.