Internal links

This test checks to see how a website links to other pages, both internally and externally.

Why do we test this?

It is a common problem on the web that links are badly defined. Search engines can index content better if it is well linked to, and it can help those using non-visual browsers like screen readers. The main problem we look for with links is the same description being used for more than one location, and the use of non-descriptive words like 'more.' A link should clearly define where it goes to, and the same definition should not apply to more than one page.

How do we test this?

We look for non-descriptive text being used in links, like 'More,' 'Read more,' and 'Click here.' We also check to see if one description is used for different pages.

What can I do about it?

Avoid using words like 'more' to link to another page. If that isn't possible, use the title attribute of the anchor tag to be more descriptive about the page being linked to. Ensure that each page linked to has unique text or title attribute.